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Foremost we are creative thinkers.
A progressive, integrated design agency with significant expertise in graphics, digital, web and exhibition. Established over 25 years, our focus remains firmly on our clients and how they communicate their offer most effectively to their customers - whether product or service.

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  • Services

    As an integrated agency, we offer many things

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  • Branding

    The value of effort put into maintaining clear branding can’t be underestimated. We work with you to create or enhance that all-important brand image, delivering an identity based on your core values.

  • Print

    Whether using conventional methods or highly versatile digital print, this is part of Arena’s core expertise. Smart relationships with specialist printers means excellent buying power and a quality product.

  • Web / Digital

    Great website design facilitates clear connection with your audience and them with you. We provide web planning, design and statistics, e-commerce, traffic generation and e-marketing solutions such as app development, and email campaigns.

  • Exhibition / Display

    From the intimacy of small display units, banners or indoor pop-up systems, to the design and management of larger stands – we can take a project through the design process for you, from initial brief to final build. End to end.

  • Photography

    Perfectly integrated under our design service we provide an extensive photography service. For studio to location work or from product photography to manipulation of specific images, we can provide the complete service for your project.

  • Illustration

    An opportunity for originality and an alternative to photography; our design team will produce a unique, creative alternative through illustration to represent your brand and messages.

  • Advertising

    We have the experience to handle just about anything from a small mono ad in a local newspaper, an online ad through to a bus back. Always fresh, creative and focused.

  • App Development

    Mobile apps offer a unique way to get your business into peoples hands, directing customers straight to your web content. We can help you create straightforward, effective and affordable apps that build better relationships with customers.