The details are not the details. They make the design.

This quote from Charles Eames is featured in the brochure for Gainsborough’s new signature range of premium beds. It highlights the quality of the product, but needed to inform every piece of marketing collateral.

The first key detail was the choice of stock, we plumped for a gorgeous tactile cover with a very subtle herringbone pattern that perfectly reflects the quality fabrics used on the bedsteads.

Die-cut and foil blocked to pick up Gainsborough’s signature copper colour, the cover sets the scene for the stunning photography inside.

The imagery looks deceptively simple – the great care given to every single aspect gives the final photograph a presence while being true to the idea that this is a range that ‘sells itself’.


“Mayfair has been a huge success for Gainsborough, in no small part thanks to the input from Arena who understood immediately what we wanted to achieve.” Nigel Blake – National Sales Manager, Gainsborough.